How You Can Use Phone Camera as Web Camera For PC And Mac

Use Phone Camera as Web Camera For PC And Mac

We all use the Webcam for casual video calls, meetings or for interviews. What will you do if you have no Webcam with you or your Webcam not working? Here we will tell you the apps which you can use Phone camera as Web camera for your PC and Mac and how you can connect:


  1. On your mobile phone, you have to download and install the “IP WebCam app”. Then open the app in your mobile and at the bottom of the screen click on the “Start Server” option. It is necessary that your phone and your PC is on the same Wi-Fi Network.

Phone Camera as Web Camera For PC


  1. When you start the server, you will notice the URL to connect on the screen.

Phone Camera as Web Camera


  1. In every case, the URL is different. Enter your URL on the web browser or the desktop app. You will see many camera controls.

Phone Camera and Web Camera



  1. Now for setting up the camera as IP Webcam, on your windows, you have to download the Desktop App. Then open the start menu and you have to type “Configure IP Camera Adapter” and when you will the app then click on it.

camera adapter


  1. On the mobile app, you have to type the same URL on the desktop app. Suffix the URL with “/videofeed”. After entering the URL, then for the test connection click on the “Auto Detect” option.

mjpeg properties


  1. When your connection builds successfully, then you will get a message on your screen.

successfully recieved image size


  1. When your connection is made successfully then to register the changes tap on the “Apply” option.

vido feed


  1. Now start the Skype Desktop app and at the top-left corner click on the three dots. Then a menu will open, select on “Settings”.

skype desktop app

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  1. After clicking on settings, a list of options will come. Then to change the video settings click on the “Audio and Video” option.

skype audio video


  1. In the video settings, you have to change the camera settings. You have to select the “MJPEG Camera” option from a list of options. Now you can use your camera phone as a Webcam.

skype camera


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