Reality Switch ! IOS & Android Market!


Reality Switch – IOS & Android Market! Download today! Available on IOS & ANDROID MARKET! Apple & Android fun addicting games apps. Who’s ever been in a situation where you couldn’t stop playing? Well I got some good news for you! All our apps are on the market but now we are pushing the limits and getting them all updated! —– New update and video coming out very soon! – ENTIRE UI – will be getting a face lift, including the game play. More levels More Features, We have a initially 6 in the process almost all are updated with all matching UI ( Matching in the game ) – Some are coming out with new features, Teleportation, Speed boosts. Another great thing is the leaderboards are getting updated to track more efficient. The best yet is half or better are getting a store! – The store will feature characters or items that you can work and gain points towards to unlock! Please subscribe & like follow us on social media – Featured on —- When its Tech —– * Website – * Facebook – * Twitter – —- BinghamGames —- * Facebook – * Twitter – * Instagram – Contact – Any questions or concerns or business at * Gmail / Email / Contact — Android ( Google play store ) & Apple Market (App Store) Check out these mind-blowing apps I developed (Games) These games will keep you entertained for hours and as always Thank you! Type. – Jayce Bingham – Or heres links for the apps! Apple –… And Android –… On the side – We are interlinked into these alliterative websites if you are interested… ! — Websites — * —- * —- * —- Thank you, don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW or even check out some our apps and websites!


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