Samsung Galaxy Fold: All you should know need to know!

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung has officially revealed galaxy fold, the first foldable smartphone. This smartphone is built with the new 7nm processors, latest technology 12GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. It has a stunning 7.3-inch AMOLED display with 6 cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung galaxy fold release date in Us is April 26. In the UK, you can buy this smartphone from the Samsung website and EE. The price of this smartphone is $1980, which is the most expensive smartphone in the market.

Design of Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone:

Samsung Galaxy smartphone itself provide protection like a laptop because of its foldable features. Samsung spent too much time to make this phone. It has a fingerprint sensor side of the device.  It contains a 4380mAh battery which is the largest battery from all other smartphones.

The Fold size 62.9 x 160.9 x 17mm, which makes it double the thickness of most smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Fold colors available in Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green, and Astro Blue. It has two screens, with the 4.6-inch HD+ Super AMOLED display on the front. When you unfold the device it will convert it into a 7.3-inch AMOLED display.

The good news is that Samsung said that Galaxy Fold owners will get access to YouTube Premium for free, which is a nice offer. The Samsung Galaxy Fold finally comes in the market on April 25.

You have seen the pictures and videos on twitter of the Samsung galaxy fold broken screen. We will not lie, the images are real. Now we will discuss why this happens. There is a layer of protective plastic on top of the Galaxy Fold’s display which looks like a screen protector. This protective layer should not be removed in any circumstances.  If you remove this protective layer, the screen can be damaged so in any way don’t remove it.

On this phone, you’ll find a total of 6 cameras:-

2 front cameras  of 10MP selfie and 8Mp Depth sensor

3 Rear Cameras of 16Mp Ultra-wide Angle, 12MP Wide-Angle and 12Mp Telephoto

1 Cover Camera of 10Mp selfie


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