Do you want to Set up an email account its very simple to set up an email account on your Android Phone? You can check your messages anywhere needed through your phone.

You can use your Android smartphone to connect to personal and work email to stay in touch with friends, co-workers, clients, and anyone else. If you have a calendar added to the email account, you can even sync all your events along with your email.

For setting up an email account, its necessary to have an account.
Example:- Your domain name, an email address, and an email password.

Set up an email account on an Android Phone:-

1. On the home screen of your mobile phone, click on the Settings option. There are so many built-in options you will find. Click on Accounts option.

2. Click on the add account option, then choose the email account you have, like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. If you don’t have an email account, then you can do it manually.

3. Now you should be asked to enter email address and password. Then enter the appropriate details and click on Ok and permit all the terms and conditions apply.

4. It takes little time to proceed, and then your account will be ready to see. You can check or compose your emails through your account.

Manual set up the Email account.

1. If you have not any particular account like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. then you can set up your email account manually.

2. After open the Email, then enter an email address and password.

3. Then select the account type which you want to make. There are three options POP3, IMAP, and EXCHANGE. I will suggest clicking on the IMAP option.

4. Click on next, and your account will be done. Now you can access your account from your Android mobile.


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