Share VPN connection over WiFi

Microsoft introduced Wi-Fi sharing with a hotspot in Windows 10. But they remove the feature like hosted network, SoftAP, and IBSS. This means that you can’t be able to share your Windows VPN over your Wi-Fi hotspot. But there is always an alternative. You can share VPN connection over Wi-Fi on Windows 10 through the third-party apps. One of the best app named is Connectify.

Here see how you can share VPN connection over WiFi on Windows 10:-

  1. Right-clicking on the start menu, go to the Network Connections.

share VPN connection over WiFi

2. Now enable or turn on your VPN and move back to the Network connections.

share VPN connection over WiFi on Windows 10

3. You should see an extra connection active aside from your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Now you have to right-click on that network and select the Properties option. Mostly the name starts with the Ethernet.

4. Now the properties tab will open. You will see the dialog box at the top called virtual network adapter name. In my Windows, the name is “TAP-Windows Adapter V9.” Every Window has a different VPN name. In your case it’s different, choose your right VPN because it needs in the next step.

5. Now install and download the Connectify app. It’s free to download. When your download is complete, you’ll see various options to configure the hotspot. If you want to share the VPN, then you have to do some changes. In the network adapter name change the “Internet to share” option done in the previous step. Then change the Hotspot name and password according to your choice and at the bottom tap on Start Hotspot button.

6. Now on the other devices connect to the Connectify hotspot. When your connectivity has done, your device will show the Connectify users list.

7. Then confirm your public IP and location on the user device to check the VPN service. If you use the free version of Connectify app, then you will get some ads and other restrictions. If you don’t want such troubles, then you have to take the paid version of the app.

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