Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Terrified Turtle

Terrified Turtle, A fun adventure game, Swimming through many ice obstacles trying to avoid them as you gain points! World linking high score board lots of competition! Swim, flap, and float! Do it all in this new exciting app! Terrified Turtle is about a turtle who terrified of hitting the cold ice. While the turtle is swimming through a dangerous variety of floating ice. You must stay on keeping this turtle swimming to miss these floating objects. Pressing anywhere on the screen will get you to stay afloat, but don’t let the turtle run into any ice! Good Luck! -Terrified Turtle | Fun adventure games online | Online Adventure Games – Play Online Games- -*

Please keep in mind to recycle plastic! Use this to remember to keep our oceans clean and the environment.

This app also allows you to purchase no ads. This is an amazing feature to allow user-friendly gameplay!

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