The best apple watches of 2019


If you are in the market it’s not an easy task to find the best apple watch. If you’re searching the best deals you are in the right place. After the success of Apple series 1, proceeded success of Apple series 3 and 4.


The best deals of Apple watches in April 2019 are:-


  1. Apple watches series 4:-

This is the newest Apple watch series. Now you can buy these watches from the market. In this, so many new features are added. Apple series 4 watches run Watch OS5, which combines health tracking, the podcast app, a walkie-talkie feature and much more.

The watch with 40mm and 44mm sizes have a higher screen resolution with or without cellular service. The s4 dual-core processor run with wireless charging. These series is available in two cases Gold Aluminum Case or Silver Aluminum Case. You can purchase this from the Apple store and Amazon with best deals.

  1. Apple watches series 3:-

These series is the most updated version of Apple watch series. This watch is water resistant and runs with OS5.

It’s used in fitness with the run and cycle tracking on board plus the heart rate monitor on the underside. The Apple Watch Series 3 has a great GPS system. With comparison, the Apple watch series 4 has a bigger screen.

The apple series 3 available in two models, the standard watch model with a cellular LTE connectivity and other is non-LTE connectivity. This turns your watch into a mini smartphone to allow to send and receive messages and calls. This comes with a 16GB of storage.

  1. Apple watch series 2:-

Apple watch series 2 is not being sold by Apple but many retailers are sold by its cheap rate. This watch runs in an OS5 with an s2 dual processor. This Apple Watch version adds built-in GPS functionality and two new case options, stainless steel or ceramic. The OLED screen display on the Series 2 is also twice as clear compared to series 1 and the case is also waterproof. Those who want to buy Apple watches at a cheap rate, this is the best option.

  1. Apple series 1:-

As it doesn’t feature all of the improvements of later models, the Apple Watch Series 1 is still a reliable watch. This Apple series Watch may not be the newest model, but it still pairs very perfectly with Space Grey iPhone or iPhone X.

Like all other Apple watches, series 1 also runs in an OS5 with S1P dual-core processor. If you don’t require to track GPS runs and swim with it on, you’ll save money with these series watches. The Apple Watch Series 1 comes in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm. Its Bluetooth and wifi are easily capable to sync with IOS devices and its onboard storage capacity is 8GB and 512GB of Ram.


These are the Apple watches series you can buy. You can check the websites which have given the highest discount on these watches.


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