Eye diseases can get more severe if left undetected or if early symptoms are neglected. To make eye disease detections easy, researchers have revealed an app named CRADLE called Computer-Assisted Detector of Leukocoria that lets users detect eye diseases in children proactively.


When you turned on the flashlight, you must have noticed red-eye reflections on images shot. No need to worry; this is a healthy sign. An unhealthy eye sign shows white reflections when you shot the photos. The CRADLE app makes use of machine learning to identify early signs of Leukocoria or white reflection from the eye’s retina. These white reflections in eyes may lead to severe issues like cataracts if ignored.


This is the best app for kids as it trained data from kids. As the algorithm says, it would be capable of identifying diseases on elder persons with the same level of accuracy. The researchers declare to have examined the app with 52,000 pictures of 40 children, of which half of them had eye diseases. In 15 of 20 children with eye disease, the CRADLE app managed to identify Leukocoria from pictures taken about 1.3 years before the child got examined by a doctor.



It is deserving noting that CRADLE app should be used as an early detection system and should not be used to replace doctors. The originators of the app have explicitly mentioned that the FDA does not authorize the app. However, you will be capable of knowing if your kid’s eyes are about to get infected by making use of the app. When that period is over, it is suggested to consult an eye specialist in your area.


This app is accessible for iOS and Android users. See the link to the app below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Download CRADLE for Android

Download CRADLE for iOS


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