Top Ten Gaming Lamps Every Gamer Will Love

Top Ten Gaming Lamps

Gaming has become an easy and portable way of time pass these days. Games are fun and it becomes more interesting when it is accompanied by gaming lamps (or lightings) in the background. Lighting increases the charm and seems nice when it flashes while attempting an adventurous attempt like destroying hordes of enemies and so on. Thus, the concept of lamps having gaming icons and features are hilarious ones.

This article meant to discuss the top ten gaming lamps that will drive you crazy. Here we go :

  1. Question Block Lamp with jumping Mario: It is a ThinkGeek creation and an officially licensed Super Mario Bros. Merchandise. It is designed adorably in a question block shade with a hanging Mario lamp pull. When the hanging Mario is pulled down and released, light switches on or off.

Question Block Lamp with Jumping Mario

2. Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp: If you are a Harry Potter fan, you are definitely going to love this. It has a spooky look exactly same like the same as the Trophy displayed in Harry Potter part 4. The wicked looking Triwizard trophy light is quite amazing. When you switch it on, the stem and bulb (lamp) lit up white. It can also be kept as a night lamp.

Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp

3. Starwars – a new hope lamp: The Starwars fans are surely going to grab it. Being structured in lamp design, it has the family of Luke Skywalker along with Princess Leia and the adorable droids C3PO and R2D2.

Star Wars: A New Hope Lamp

4. Batman Bat Signal Projector: The smartly designed Batman Bat Signal Projector is a unique looking lamp like a projector. It can be perfectly placed on the patio or police station roof. It can also be mounted or installed via included ground spike. Batman fans, what are you waiting for?  Go! Get it!

Batman Bat Signal Projector

5. Gobble Gobble Pac Man Lamp: The famous Pac Man game of the Namco Arcade being released in 1980 has got its lovely icons on this lamp. It’s a remote controlled lamp giving you the retro light and sound effects of your 80’s and reinstall the touch of a sweet child in you.

Gobble Gobble Pac-Man Lamp

6. Star Trek Schematic Illuminated Enterprise Panel: This illuminating and brighter lighting lamp is appealing for the followers of Star Trek movies and shows. These smart gaming lamps have two acrylic interchangeable plates and 7 color cycle LED display. Bring your childhood’s Starfleet captaincy enthusiasm back with the lamp.

Star Trek Schematic Illuminated Enterprise Panel

7. Batman Symbol LED Lights: As the name already shows, it is light showing bat symbol with different colors. It looks pretty in any creative haunted or recreational areas, in kids rooms at night.

Batman Symbol LED Light

8. Aquaman Underwater Waves Projector: This charming lamp projects blue waves of water and feels you soothed as if you are inside water. It is a perfect cup of coffee for the fans.

Aquaman Underwater Waves Projector


9. Legend of Zelda Triforce Light Projector: The awesome game of Zelda and its man by Nintendo in 1996 took its shape and gathered our childhood innocence in this lamp. The projection of royal Windcrest on the wall gives your home an attractive look.

Legend of Zelda Triforce Light Projector

10. Starwars Table Lightsaber lamps: The Lightsaber was a popular prop used in historical entertainment. It looks pretty on an office desk or nightstand giving you a cool and lively sensation.

Star Wars Table Lightsaber Lamp

Hope the article proves worthy for you. Do let us know in the comment section which one you are going to purchase?


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