Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android

From time to time we all change phones. Transferring of data between phones becomes easier. But Its really hard to transfer data from iPhone to Android. Now see how you can transfer Whatsapp data from iPhone to Android:-


  1. The first you have to install and download the dr.fone app from the website on your Windows PC.


  1. Open the app and tap on the “Restore Social App” option.

Restore Social App


  1. You will notice the option “Transfer WhatsApp Messages”, click on that option. If you want to choose any other application, from the sidebar you can select that app by clicking on it.


  1. Now you have to connect the old device and then connect a new device which you want to transfer. On the left side, you will see the device that contains data and on the right side, you will see the new device. On the middle, there is also a flip button if the arrangement is not like that you can change by using the Flip option.

Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android


  1. After that, you will get a warning message if your new device has any WhatsApp data then it will be overwritten. You have to tap on “Yes” to proceed.


  1. Now you will see the same screen as shown below.


  1. Now you have asked some steps like installing WhatsApp on your new device, granting it storage permissions, and much more. You have to explore all the tasks.


  1. On the new phone, you have to log in the WhatsApp with phone number and you will see all the data in WhatsApp.


This is the whole process transferring the WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android or vice versa. The whole process will take estimate 15 to 20minutes. so keep patience when your processing is going. This process is working for iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone and Android to Android.


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