Instagram is a great social media platform for sharing photos. Nowadays users use Instagram for advertising personal, professional, and marketing videos. When you want to create a video of Instagram, video editing tools help us a lot. There are so many best video editor apps which you can use.

In this article, we will show you the best video editor apps which you can use for Android and iPhone:-


  1. HORIZON CAMERA:- Horizon Camera is the best video editor apps which provide you awesome features. This app permits you to record horizontal video even when you hold your phone vertically. You can also use filter while recording the video. When you have recorded the video, the video will not save in the Instagram directly but first, it saves in the SD card. This app is free for both Android and iOS users.


  1. BOOMERANG:- When it comes to Instagram content, Boomerang is the best video editor app. This app will take a number of continuous shots and merges all of them to make a mini-video. This mini video will be of a few seconds but you can repeat the actions. You can also edit the video with the balance speed and intensity of the Boomerang effect. If we will talk about the video editor app, Boomerang is the topmost app in our list.


  1. FOODIE CAMERA:- If you want to take pictures of food? Then check the Foodie Camera app for the iOS users. In this app, you can capture the food-related photos, videos, and also the other content. This app also offers you a variety of filters which makes your experience better. As the photos look impressive, the video also looks amazing. You can combine all of your photos and make a video. when you are recording with foodie camera app you can also use live filters. Android users can also use this app.



  1. KINEMASTER:- KineMaster is the best video editor tool for both Android and iOS users. If you require a lot of effects and transitions in your video then this KineMaster video editor app is the best option. In this app, you can export 4K video at 30 FPS rate. The Android and iOS both users can use this app.


  1. APPLE CLIPS:- Sometimes you want to post funny and personal videos on Instagram then Apple clips is one of the best video editor apps for those users. This app is made by the Apple so for iPhone users this app works flawlessly. When you will record the video you will see the real-time effects as it is a hybrid app. In this app, you will find an amazing filter which you can use in your video.


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