Twitter will now allow you to add photos, videos, or GIF’s to retweets


The new feature settled on Monday, May 6 for Android, iOS, and Twitter’s mobile site. It is not available for Desktop versions. Twitter users can attach images, videos, and GIFs to their retweets /quoted tweets.

The process is straightforward. Simply tap the retweet button and select “retweet with comment.” Then, to combine media, tap on the suitable icon on the top of the keyboard.

This is a small addition to the service, however, Twitter announces it had been really quite troublesome to style in a very means that created sense and wasn’t overwhelming once viewed within the timeline.

The company added that another update is returning shortly to create retweets with media “more interactive and easier to browse.” Probably, this refers to Twitter on the desktop. Twitter announced recently that it will shortly be experimenting another new characteristic, one that lets users hide replies to tweets.


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