What is 5G? Everything you should need to know about


5G is the 5th generation. It takes a major role than previous generations. Today’s in the mobile world everyone wants high speed, high performance. 5G gives you all. 5G is same as 4G but speed is faster than 4G. As in 4G if we download high definition film it will take 10 minutes to complete but in 5G it takes a second to download.


What you will get from 5G?

  1. It will be faster than 4G:-From 5G the download speed will increases. As in 4G when you download any film, it takes time to download. But in the 5G, it will take some seconds to download which is great.
  2. No need of cable modem:- 5G will deliver high speed so at the same time we can connect many devices. So with the use of the mobile network, you can accomplish it. You can connect your Television from the mobile.

When is 5G getting out?

5G should be available in 2019. Previous generations of mobile networks, it will take time to generate the new 5G network.

What latest things can 5G do?

Transfer of high-quality photo and video at a faster speed. 5G also works on latest technology like doctors performing surgeries remotely, hologram calls, and augmented reality for movies. The browsing of the internet is relatively high as compared to 4G.

Which smartphone will have 5G?

A number of handsets declared or released already, including a report of Samsung’s Galaxy S10, Huawei’s folding Mate X, LG’s dual-screen LG V50 ThinQ and the new Oppo Reno 5G. Next phone from the One plus, Sony, Honor and Xiaomi Mi Mix3 will be released soon.

5G will give you a chance to change your plans and smartphone. But from the resources,  prices of 5G will be high than the 4G.


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