Facebook is running to the dark side, not because of its new privacy mishaps. It is working to perform a ‘dark mode’ in all of its services. Instagram is examining a dark mode in beta, and we already know that both Facebook and its popular messaging service WhatsApp is working on a dark theme of its own.


Well, thanks to popular WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo, you can see your first look at dark mode for WhatsApp. It’s a moment to celebrate, but some of you may not be happy with this dark theme.


You can view in the screenshots before, WhatsApp isn’t expecting a right AMOLED dark theme as we have already seen with Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Instead, similar to Twitter, it uses a “blue night” theme. In its blog post, WABetaInfo features that in the Settings WhatsApp will add a new “Theme” section, where you will see three options dark, light, or system default.


Dark mode for WhatsApp on Android:-

Android users require to be running the latest beta version of Android 10 or Android Q. Android 10 begins with a native dark mode. You can enable the dark theme on Android 10 by moving into the settings of your phone, then click on display and then select theme and tap on the “Dark.”



Now, if you want to apply the “Dark” theme mode to all the apps, you will require to turn on the ‘Developer Options.’ For this, move to the “About Phone” in Settings option and then click on “Build Number” seven times. Then move back to the main Settings page and get to the “Developer options.” When the Developer options, turn on the “Override force-dark” to apply the dark theme to all the apps. WhatsApp will now have dark mode used throughout its UI except the chats page. You can quickly darken chats area by clicking on the Settings, then tap on Chats and then Wallpaper. After that, choose a solid dark color from the list which you want.


Dark mode for WhatsApp on iOS

iOS users have two ways to perform dark mode; however, one of the ways requires you to jailbreak the device; hence, we’ll include a more straightforward method than this. iOS 11 had launched a “Smart Invert” feature that reverses the colors of the iPhone’s display. Like in Android, the chats page does not change, and hence here too, you’ll require to apply a dark image as Wallpaper.


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