Are you in the actual world? Ignore the 3:2, 4:3, and 16:9 camera formats, and a 360-degree landscape in which anything can happen and anywhere. There are so many 360 cameras available right now and the market for these cameras developing. With a 360 camera yoou can do more like you can shoot VR 360, Overcapture, Tiny Planets, all in one device.

There are not a single best 360 cameras, so many cameras are in the market. I will help you to decide which one you can buy by seeing the features of some latest 360 cameras:-


  1. GoPro Fusion:- The GoPro Fusion is the most advanced 360 camera. It’s a powerful, durable, and tough camera. This camera can capture 360 videos in 5.2K resolution. The best feature of the Fusion camera is it’s over capture feature. OverCapture is that lets you pick out traditional 16:9 fixed-frame video from the 360-degree footage.


The GoPro Fusion also includes a compass, accelerometer, 3D audio, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth and compatibility with an existing GoPro mount. Its launch price is $700, and now the price is reduced.


  1. Rylo:- The Rylo is a small but powerful 360 action camera with a marvelous app and epic stabilization. You can run, walk and surf with the Rylo and your footage will still be smooth.

You can also instantly zoom in or out, or even speed the footage up into time-lapse mode. The Rylo is very well assembled and the user-friendly software that creating an awesome video very easy. The Rylo is designed for action shots. So if you want to take action videos Rylo camera is the best.



  1. Garmin Virb 360:- The Garmin Virb 360 is everything: easy to use, ruggedness, durable and best quality features. Its 5.7K resolution should produce better results, and you can take pictures to head down to 32 feet underwater.

You can record a live video from this camera, but it only supported in IOS devices. If anyone wants sturdy and durable camera this Garmin Virb 360 is the best camera.


  1. Samsung Gear 360 (2017):- Samsung Gear 360 is easy to use. Its price is very low than the Garmin Virb 360. It offers live streaming and secure connectivity. The gear gives you 4k video quality. It’s lightweight, portable, and water-resistant. The picture quality is not up to a point, but it’s best when analyzing the price.


  1. Ricoh Theta V:- If you are searching a great 360 camera, Ricoh Theta V is the best camera. When you think of the cost, performance, and looks, this is an excellent option you can take. It allows you to take stunning photos and videos. It also the best camera for traveling peoples. Those who want to take 360 pictures and also wants to shoot 360 videos, I suggest this camera is the good one.

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