Which tools do you use for audio steganography?

Which tools do you use for audio steganography?

Before we starting, first what is steganography? It is a process of hiding a file, message, video, image into another file, message, video, and image.

Here are some tools used for audio steganography:-

  1. Steghide:- Steghide is a cross steganography platform which hides various types of image and audio files. It only supports JPEG, BMP, WAV, and AU files. The data that is inserted is reduced, encoded and tagged with integrity checksums.

It is installed with apt so the source can be found on GitHub. Steghide is developed by Stefan Hetzl.

How the tool works:-

First compressed the embedded data then encrypted this data. Third, do checksum to verify the integrity of the extracted data and then support JPEG, BMP, WAV, and AU files. This tool is licensed under GPL which means General Public Licence.

  1. Xiao Steganography:- Xiao Steganography is generated by Nakasoft. It is a software that is used to hide files within images and audio. The image supports BMP and audio file supports WAV files.

You can use this by first select the target file which you want to upload an image or audio file. After that pick encryption, hashing, and password for target file and click finish.

  1. S-Tools:-This tool is a very easy tool that is used to hide text files in images. It supports BMP. GIF for images and WAV for audio files.


  1. Hide N Send:- Hide n Send is a very simple tool which gives steganography feature. It is used to hide files in images files. Just move with the utility and select the files and then encryption, hiding, and hashing algorithms and click on hide.


  1. Camouflage:-Camouflage is a steganography tool that just hides one file into another file. This tool is very simple to use.

There is no limitation to hide the files. You have to do, right click on any file and select the selection of Camouflage and to extract your secret data from the file, just right click and select Uncamouflage.


  1. OpenStego:- Openstego is a very easy and best steganography tool. You can add any of your concealed message file in an image file. You can hide in BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG and WBMP files and take the output as in PNG file. Use a password to encrypt the data to hide the image.


  1. SteganPEG:- It’s a simple tool to hide files inside JPEG files. The output file will act like a normal image file and nobody tells that the image was modified. The interface of this software is very easy so you can easily hide the files into JPG.


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